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Top 5 Credit Agencies In The United States

Poor credit scores are a real downer. There is no choice but to look for a genuine credit repair company that can help credit repair history. With so many scam companies out there, choosing the best credit repair agency is a challenge. You need to look for a trustworthy company that offers credit restoration services without messing your relationship with your lenders. Here, we have curated top 5 Credit Repair Agencies in the USA that rates high in our research. Here, we share the breakdown of services offered by each of these credit repair agencies in the USA helping us to judge them.

Lexington Law
Best For Overall Coverage

129.99$ / month

  • 1-833-333-2412

Sky Blue Credit
Best For Value of Price

79.00$ / month

  • (888) 899-6241
Best For Affordatibility

49.95$ / month

  • (833) 841-1600

The Credit People
Best For Trial Period

89.99$ / month

  • (866) 606-6790

Pyramid Credit Repair
Best For FREE Assessmene

00$ / month

  • 855-984-1867

Lexington Law

Easy signing up, Lexington Law offers three tiers of service depending on the services chosen- Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and PremierPlus. It has decades of credit restoration experience and is known to offer an extra level of services rendered by them. It provides an impressive range of credit repair features that include sending good faith letters to lenders, monthly credit monitoring, identify fraud alerts and look for legal loopholes to get your credit score to its original position. The company charges you only when the work is done. It extends amazing customer support service.

Experience- The company is known for its immense experience in the field. It offers services and features that are unmatched and unparalleled with other credit repair companies.

Price- The company has three service tiers- Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and PremierPlus, each available at $89.95 per month, $109.95 per month, and $129.95 per month respectively.

Features- They offer repair fundamentals as the basic services wherein they fix mistakes if any on the credit report. It also shoots lenders to express good faith. It also checks out legal lacunas if any to ensure your credit score reverting to its original score. In tier two if its services, it offers credit score improvement analysis and monthly credit monitoring. In top-tier services, clients can enjoy personal finance tools used to monitor finances and identify fraud alerts.

Cancellation and Guarantee- Since the services are available on a monthly basis, it can be canceled at any time. The icing on the cake is that the company charges only when the work is finished. It helps clients build trust for the company. They also offer an extensive customer support service network and are always available for help through phone or email.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

It is one of the most well-known companies offering the least expensive credit restoration services. It has carved a niche for itself by providing 5-star customer service. Its initial fee is quite reasonable for which it offers straightforward solutions like fixing credit report mistakes, sending goof faith letters to the lenders and check out legal loopholes to revert your credit score to its original figure. It enjoys A+Rating by Better Business Bureau.

Experience- The company is known for offering services that are worth your money. The services are quite affordable and rendered without cutting any corners. It has gained a reputation as offering five-star services to its clients.

Price- The company charges an initial fee of $69 and the fee remains same month after month.

Features- The company renders an excellent range of credit repair services. It offers fixing credit report errors, good faith letters sent to the lenders, and checking out legal loopholes that can help credit score revert to the original score. In essence, clients using these services get what they paid for with no frills and fancy bells.

Cancellation and Guarantee- The most striking feature of these services is that the client has the freedom to pause services at any time he wishes. He can either take a break for some time if he is unable to afford the services or pause the services indefinitely. Whenever he is ready, he can start using the services again. Moreover, the company offers full 90-days advance irrespective of any reason. This, if clients are not satisfied with the services within 90 days, they can get a refund of the fee. The staff at Sky Blue is very supportive and helpful.

It is a popular company and offers a lot of add-ons to its clients. One of the additional services is identity theft protection. The company offers credit repair services that include- right interventions, credit bureau challenges and some other standard services provided by all credit repair agencies. It also renders help in credit report monitoring and identity theft protection. It also offers a user-friendly interface to track your progress. It enjoys A+ ranking and a solid reputation.

Experience- is one of the most popular companies offering credit repair solutions in the USA. The company has carved a niche for itself with its quick and efficient services. Besides the regular services, it also offers a few extras like identity theft protection. Thus, clients stand to gain a little more value from their money.

Price- The company offers affordable credit repair services. It charges $49.95 for basic services and $99.95 for top end services.

Features- The basic services include good interventions and credit bureau issues and challenges. Besides these, they offer basic credit repair services. As part of their top tier services, they offer credit report monitoring and identity theft monitoring. At an additional fee of $14.99, they can pull your credit reports.

Cancellation and Guarantee– The company charges clients on a monthly basis and as such the services can be canceled at any time. They enjoy A+rating from Better Business Bureau. They charge clients only for the accepted work done in a month as agreed upon by both the parties. They make use of a sleek user interface for ensuring quick customer services and support.

The Credit People

The major highlight of this company is that it is one of the very few credit repair agencies offering a 7-days trial. Thus, you can check out whether the company can fulfill its promises and give you results that you are looking for before committing. It fixes credit report mistakes, check out legal loopholes to get your credit score revert to its original figure and send good faith letters to your lenders. There is a month-to-month option available, and even if you go for a lump-sum option, you can cancel the services at any time you want.

Experience– The company is one of the very few that offers a week’s trial before you buy the services.

Price- The company charges $39 for 7-days trial and once tried out and services accepted, the charges are $89 monthly.

Features- The company offers fixing credit report errors, good faith letters sent to the lenders, and checking out legal loopholes that can help credit score revert to the original score. The seven day trial of services helps customers know the quality and efficiency of services offered by the company, helping them to make a suitable decision.

Cancellation and Guarantee- Many people prefer going for a lumpsum option. Even if they go for this option, they can cancel services at any time they want or are not happy with the services. They can also change to month-to-month option. They enjoy A- rating on Better Business Bureau. Money back guarantee is the major highlight of the services rendered by the company. Moreover, they return 100 percent money for six months if the clients are not happy with the results. They offer customer services for a limited time- 8 AM-5 PM.

Pyramid Credit Repair

It is one of the many credit repair agencies that charge no initial fee to start services. In essence, the services can be used for the first 5-15 days. It will appoint a dedicated personal account manager who will explain everything to you and keep you in the loop about what they are doing for restoring your credit score. The services also include repair fundamentals and negotiation with the lenders regarding the removal of negative items from your credit report. It enjoys star ratings and a strong reputation in this niche.

Experience– The company is experienced and doesn’t charge an initial fee. It happens to be the biggest draw for many people looking for credit repair solutions.

Price– They offer streamlined credit repair solutions and charges for the same are $99 a month. Many people also go for a couples plan available at $198 monthly. This plan comes with a 50 percent off for the first month of service.

Features– The company stands apart from others in the field by going an extra mile and appointing a dedicated personal account manager. He not only monitors credit repair progress but also offers fixing credit report errors, good faith letters sent to the lenders, and checking out legal loopholes that can help credit score revert to the original score. They also have in-house licensed attorneys to extend help and guidance to the clients.

Cancellation and Guarantee– The services are monthly payable and can be canceled at any time. They enjoy excellent online reviews. It also offers 90 days, 100 percent money back if the clients are not satisfied with the services. They offer excellent customer service and have a support center to handle client queries and concerns.