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The Credit People Website Review

The Credit People is a credit card repair service provider based in Orlando FL. They are an esteemed credit repair company established in 2001 which offers their services in nearly 50 states across the United States. A notable feature that makes them stand out from the other companies is their focus on increasing credit scores while at the same time taking care of other credit repairs such as contrary disputes, credit reports, bankruptcy issues, and late payments, etc.

They have a strong belief in the effectiveness of their services, and therefore the customers can claim astonishing money back guarantee. Moreover, the patrons can test their services by signing up for a seven-day free trial as well. Unlike other companies, the access to credit reports is included in their regular services, and the patrons are not charged separately for this facility.

Services and Facilities:

The essential services of The Credit People remain same as the other companies. However, a significant distinction is the fact that they do not charge their clients to provide them with the credit reports and credit scores. As soon as a customer subscribes to their service, they get his credit report to analyze the situation and put together a plan. This “Score Driven Approach” seems to be highly appreciated by the purchasers as the strategy is formulated keeping in mind the needs of the patrons.

Moreover, rather than offering packages with various features and different levels, all their services are inclusive which means that they provide comprehensive credit repair services included in one package. Thus, there is no hidden fee or extra charges for anything. They take pride in their “Score Driven Results” which not only corrects errors but also helps their clients raise their credit scores. The customers are kept on board via an online dashboard keeping track of the progress and notifying them about the updates.


The Credit Repair has in business for over fifteen years and has an unmatched reputation amongst its competitors. They have helped thousands of patrons get rid of credit card discrepancies and continue to do so. The main factor that attracts the people towards hiring their services is the seven-day trial and the money back guarantee. These attractive offerings boost the company’s profile and motivate the you to sign up with them.

Affordability and Pricing:

Contrary to the pricing and packages of other companies specializing in credit repair services, The Credit People does not offer a variety of different packages each with its characteristics and features. They have one package that includes all their services.

If any customer wishes to get an idea of their services and to work, he can sign up for a seven-day trial costing $19. A regular subscription with a monthly payment plan comes at a fee of $79. However, for clients who wish to commit for a more extended period, a flat rate subscription service is offered to cost $419. The impacts of their efforts start bearing fruit within 60 days of the subscription, and the clients are delivered current credit reports every two months to keep them informed about the changes and improvements.

Keeping in mind that their service package includes everything and there are no hidden charges or extra fee for anything, it can be observed that these services are extremely affordable. Other companies tend to charge at least $19 only to get access to the credit reports and credit scores! Therefore, all in all, The Credit People can be listed as one of the most affordable and budget-friendly service providers.

Features and Characteristics:

The Credit People has a rating of C from Better Business Bureau, yet their client reviews and testimonials seem very assuring. Not only do they have years of experience, but they also have numerous satisfied clients under their belt. To make the process simple for the people, they have opted for a team-based approach where each task is taken care of by a designated team. This not only ensures smooth transmission but also adds to the transparency of the services.

The inclusive packaging approach is also commendable as the clientele get all the credit repair services without the hassle of pick and choose. The patron can also assure that he will subject to any hidden charges or extra fee as every facility comes with the package offered.


In the case that the customer is doubtful about the services of The Credit Repair, he can easily opt out even after only the seven-day trial. For the regularly subscribed patrons, the cancellation policy remains the same. If a person is not satisfied with the services or the results he sees, he can cancel the subscription anytime he wishes to.

However, the money back guarantees applicable only after the service has subscribed for at least two months. IF the purchaser does not see desirable results within sixty days of signing up, he can claim the money back guarantee.


It is pretty evident that The Credit People has bagged an excellent reputation amongst its customers and is undoubtedly a strong competitor for the spot of the best credit repair service company in the market. Here are some perks of making use of their facilities:

  • A seven-day trial at a nominal fee of $19 enables clienteles to test their services and get an idea about their expertise.
  • A comprehensive package that comes with all the services and features offers detailed services.
  • Their prices fall in the economic and affordable range.
  • A money back guarantees, offer satisfaction and security to the patrons in case of not finding the services up to the mark.
  • 24 hours access to their progress enables customers to stay updated and track any progress or changes made.
  • Unlike other companies, clients are not charged any additional fee to get access to the credit reports and credit scores.
  • Their services are available in nearly 50 states across the United States.
  • They offer free of cost credit consultation facilities.
  • Goal oriented and score-driven approach to produce anticipated results.


Despite an excellent reputation and several happy clients, The Credit People has a Better Business Bureau rating of C. Along with the pros that subscribing to their services offers to the clients; there are most certainly some downsides to their facilities as well. Here are a few reasons why people are not very keen on subscribing to them:

  • The one size fits all approach regarding having a single package is a downside for some people as they wish for more variety and a couple of options to choose from.
  • Having limited customer service hours is a hassle in case of any issue requiring urgent attention.
  • Every time you reach out to The Credit People,you will be dealing with a different person as they do not offer individual case advising.

Credit repair services require time and patience. Despite few downsides, it is pretty visible that overall, The Credit People has notable features and offerings for their clients. Analyze their performance and see if their services are adequate as per your requirements, only then decide on subscribing to their plans or looking for a new service provider.