Best Credit Repair Companies Reviews

CreditRepair .com Review is one leading companies regarding credit repair and the improvement of the credit report. It has been reported as the well-reputed company in the world of credit repair and carries a clean record. The agency has left a big impression in the industry by holding some cases with successful results. is renowned for providing a quality of education to its clients related to the disputes and credit review history. The has received A ranking from the BBB while the second position in Top Ten Silver Awards. Moreover, this agency not only provides with the complete information but also educates about how to manage your money and where to invest it. Isn’t it just great!

Moreover, this credit repair agency facilitates its clients by providing with several conveniences like an online portal system and software application through which clients can come online and see the details. Other than that, educational videos are also uploaded regularly on the website as well as updates through email and text are also given.


The head office of  is based in Florida while the agency has spread out through the entire US. The services are usually provided through telephonic contact and online sign in which means there is no requirement to meet their staff personally.

Services & Facilities is the based educational agency for client’s dealing with negative items added to their credit review history. The educational experience works out by first guiding the customers about their case and its extremity. Other than that, the website of the bureau is full of many videos, images, and files featuring much information. Not only information regarding the client’s case is provided but also how to manage the money after the successful results and how to invest the given amount is also taught.

The agency believes in the customer care and assigns a separate attorney and paralegal for dealing with each client. Paralegal must take the customer in full confidence and discuss every detail with him regularly. The client’s choice can manage the sharing of more information whether he/she wants it weekly or monthly. This sort of dealings usually takes time more than months so one should be patient enough to wait.

It can also be possible sometimes that the assigned paralegal is not available due to any reason for which an online sign-up system has introduced. Once the client signs in’s, he/she gets weekly email and text alerts about their case proceedings. This helps the consumers a lot in keeping up their credit review updates and repair.

Experience was established in the year 1997, which marks up 22 years of being in business till date. The best thing about this credit repair agency is that with time it has only progressed regarding marketing and strategy making. It has been competing with the significant experience companies at a global level and has proved to be a great contender.

Affordability & Fees

The has quite rates and client’s usually come across the affordability issues. The credit repair agency offers the services of over six months with a whopping amount of $600. The initial fee could be as less as $14.99 which increases by time costing $99.95 per month. Despite being the most experienced company for credit repair, people tend to take services from much cheaper agencies because of their low rates and similar services.  The plus point that this credit review agency offers is their free consultation and case discussion session.

One thing that is exceptional about their fee package is that it includes all the services unlike, other credit repair agencies who offer premier services for high rated packages.

The idea of discount does not go well for this credit repair company as they do not bid very great concession deals. Additionally, a discount deal is present for the couples only who apply for the credit review at the same time but the concession offered is for the initial month only with just 8% leverage.

Program Details has a simple motto based on three-step processes; Check, Challenge and Change. Firstly, it is checked whether the negative disputable items mentioned on the credit report are legitimate or not. Once it has analyzed the proceedings are carried out to eliminate the negative things occurring on the credit report history. The details from the credit view are deleted by contacting the three main credit bureaus which are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. The most crucial step is the elimination of disputable items from not only the client’s list but from the creditor’s list as well. As they can make those removed items reappear whenever they like.

The other approach that is applied is the verification of the errors caused in the review because of any reason. It gives many benefits to the credit repair bureaus in making your case strong. Another method that is employed by the is the negotiation with the lender’s company. This method may fall back as well, as some lending companies do not go well with the credit repair companies and do not cooperate.

With all these qualities has proved to equally honest and justifiable about their credit repair technology & software.

Features & Characteristics covers excellent features regarding credit repair as they not only omit the negative disputable items from the client’s history but the creditors as well. Other than that, the company offers fundamental yet important services like pointing out the errors on the report, providing confidence letters and finding out loopholes for helping in the contest.

Cancellations & Guarantee has a lot of useful features one of which is the non-obligation policy. It means that the client can cancel on his deal whenever desired without any loss. This option is not available in many other credit repair companies where one cannot withdraw without paying any penalty.

Additionally, this credit repair bureau has been guaranteed as well, as they will only charge you for the months they have worked for you. The fee will be charged just after the case has accepted and approved which means free initial observation.


Several review websites have given mixed reactions about the working style and services of The most reported advantages that this credit repair company has provided to its consumers are as follows;

  • The company facilitates the consumers with the free consultation session and one-time fee policy.
  • The agency provides the insurance of identity theft if the consumer is personal details conscious.
  • The company has the best record in providing promising credit repair results because of their impeccable working methods in a brief time.
  • The company has launched a smartphone application software for making the updates more accessible to the consumers.
  • The non-availability of a long-term bond which saves the clients from the fuss of obligation.
  • This credit repair agency offers the money-back guarantee if they fail to show the practical


Despite unusual program methods still, has some shortcomings which result in some negative reviews. These disadvantages are as follows;

  • The company has the highest fee as compared to any other credit repair company which is its biggest drawback.
  • The company does not provide any flexibility to its customers, and the options of services are quite limited.