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Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit Repair Website Review

Sky Blue Credit is not a new name when it comes to companies offering credit card repair services. They have been in the business for quite some time now, and it can be rightfully stated that they are indeed one of the most renowned and trusted credit repair service providers.

One of the reasons contributing to the success and preference of Sky-Blue Credit over other companies is the facility of add on that they provide to their clients. This gives the customers a facility to customize and alter the services to fit their needs more comprehensively. This convenience paired with an interactive user interface contributes to their immense popularity amongst their competitors in the market.

Services Offered:

The core services offered by them are the same as any other credit repair services provider. Some of their essential services include right interventions, report monitoring, credit bureau challenges, fixing credit report errors as well as identity theft protection. One of the main reasons why clients tend to prefer them over other companies is due to the guarantee and added security that comes with their identity protection services. Sky blue credit boosts the patron’s confidence and adds a foolproof level of security to ensure authenticity and privacy for the customer. This also allows the clients to get better use out of the money that they are spending in lieu of this facility.

They have contributed to making this procedure as simple and convenient for its customers as possible. With regular assistance and faster transactions, the clientele can rest assured that their credit repair job is in the right hands. Not only this but the company also works for the interest and advantage of its clients by advising necessary changes and monitoring scores to provide the most efficient choices.


As already stated, Sky Blue Credit is not a new name in the business of credit repair services. However, it will not be wrong to say that they are amongst the very few US-based credit repair service providers who have made a mark in the market very soon after they began working. They are acclaimed for their speedy and operative services and soon gained immense popularity amongst their clients and a professional reputation in the market.

They specialize in a wide range of services and offer particular customized and tailored services to their patronage to be able to provide for them in a better manner. The customers enjoy quality services and stay assured that they are getting the most value for the money that they are spending on these services.

Affordability and Pricing:

Overall the services offered by Sky Blue Credit fall within a range of very economical and budget-friendly price range. The charges for the simple and most essential services, i.e., the services that are generally being offered by many other credit repairs providing companies are a mere $49.95. However, since they deliver their patrons the facility to customize the services provided and add on more amenities as per their needs and requirements, therefore, the charges vary as per the customer preference and choice too.

This gives the client to explore and build up a package that includes the services he requires within the budget limit he can spend in this regard. The services can be upgraded and downgraded as per the requirements thus offering clients the flexibility and freedom to customize the facility as per their own need.

Even if the client chooses all of their top-notch and exclusive services, the charges come out to be almost $99.95 which is not a bad deal keeping in mind the facilities and the peace of mind that Sky Blue Credit is offering to the clients in exchange for this small amount.

Features and Characteristics:

If the customers opt for the most basic package of services, they are entitled to:

  • Intervention services.
  • Credit Bureau issues and challenges.

As is the case with other credit repair service providers they can help you with good faith letters, fixing mistakes on reports and ensuring that the required changes have made by staying in touch with furnishers and creditors. One of the factors that make them stand out from the rest is their impressive and efficient user interface which depicts and displays your progress without the hassle of going through datagrams and accurate interpretation of statistics. Moreover, despite the use of a foolproof user interface, their customer service team is always at the customer’s disposal to communicate with them and assist them in the best way possible. The Better Business Bureau has rated their services with an A+ due to these characteristics and professional practices.

If their clients are looking for a little more than just these regular credit repair services, they can always go for their top tier exclusive services which include credit report monitoring as well as identity theft protection. The client can also get access to their credit reports any time they wish by just paying an additional fee of $14.95.


When any client opts to choose the services of Sky-Blue Credit, they are supposed to pay on a monthly basis. The companies are charged only when the services have provided; there is no restriction of advanced payments or deposits. Since the payment and services are scheduled on a monthly basis, therefore, the clients can opt to cancel anytime they feel the need to do so. The amount upon delivery of services also serves as a guarantee and assurance for the clients that they will surely get the services they signed up for.


All in all, Sky Blue Credit is an excellent choice due to their great reputation in the market, years of experience in the relevant field as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Here are some of the advantages of making use of their services:

  • They offer services with a good value for the client’s money.
  • An efficient user interface makes it easier for the patrons to track their progress.
  • The ability to choose and add on services as per preferences gives clients freedom and flexibility.
  • Payment upon delivery of services serves as a guarantee for the clients.
  • The month-to-month payment plans provide the customers with the liberty to opt out of making use of the services anytime they wish to do so.
  • Freedom to choose the services as required also allows the customers to abide by their budget restrictions.


Sky Blue Credit has an overall reputation of being a professional and experienced credit repair service provider. However, there are a few points that may seem to be disappointing to a few companies:

  • Due to need-based service selection, there are no defined packages, and that appears to be a hassle for some companies.
  • The month-to-month payment plan is a minimal period for a commitment and may not suit clients looking for a long-term partnership.
  • The exclusive services are a little highly priced as compared to the other companies and service providers offering similar facilities.

As is the case with other service providers, they also have their advantages and disadvantages, but it is up to the clients to analyze whether their services suit the company’s requirements before moving on and hiring them.